Residency Program Requirements

Candidates must have successfully completed all of the residency training requirements of an ACGME-approved congenital heart surgery program that are in force at the time their congenital heart surgery program begins.

Candidates for certification must complete twelve (12) consecutive months of residency training in congenital heart surgery in a single program, accredited by the ACGME RRC-TS. The Program Director of the congenital heart surgery residency must approve the application form by original signature, certifying that the candidate has satisfactorily completed the residency in congenital heart surgery, that the applicant's operative logs accurately reflect the applicant's primary surgeon experience, and must endorse by written evaluation each candidate’s qualifications. The application needs to be prepared by the candidate and then reviewed and submitted by the Program Director. Once an application is received by the ABTS, it is considered the official and only record. The Board assumes that the appropriate signatures authenticate the accuracy of the case lists and all other information submitted on the application, and reserves the right to seek validation of any information contained in the application.