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2016 10-year Milestone

In reference to the 10-year Milestone for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), the Board is mailing letters to all eligible Diplomates whose certificates expire in 2016, 2017 or 2018.  Those Diplomates must apply and take a secure, online examination between September 1 and October 31 in order to fulfill MOC.  The letter provides instructions on how to complete the application.

Please include all required documents along with the MOC application (medical license, delineation of hospital privileges and two letters of reference).

A template for the required letters of reference can be found HERE. For a free download of adobe reader please visit  

The deadline for submitting a 10-year Milestone application is May 1, 2016. Applications and attachments should be emailed to  No paper applications will be accepted.

Although there is no charge to submit an application, a $500 is assessed to Diplomates who are approved and sit for the exam which will be collected at a later date. 

Special Announcement 

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery has been made aware that an organization with a similar name as ours, American Board of Cardiac Surgery, has been contacting our Diplomates regarding a Master Laureate designation. Please know that the American Board of Thoracic Surgery has no affiliation whatsoever with this organization and does not offer this type of designation.  

August 1 Residency Start Date 

American Board of Surgery at the request of the Surgery program directors has moved the Surgery Qualifying Exam date to July (July 19, 2016 for 2016). This change was initiated to allow Surgery residents to remain in their training programs until the required June 30 end date for the majority of programs. Additionally, with the change in the Qualifying Exam date, trainees will have the opportunity to study and take the ABS Surgery Qualifying Exam before the start of their fellowship, to move to their new training city in a more leisurely fashion, to fully participate in orientation in their new hospital, and potentially to offset patient safety concerns that have been noted with transitions to new trainees during the month of July. Orthopedics has adopted and executed this policy for many years with favorable results for residents and programs. Multiple informal surveys of residents have been very positive regarding this change in fellowship start dates.  In response to this change, most postgraduate surgery fellowship start dates have been moved to August 1 (starting in 2016).

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery recognizes the potential value of this change by the American Board of Surgery for our residents and encourages thoracic surgery program directors to consider changing their program start dates to August 1. The American Board of Thoracic Surgery will therefore move the application deadline for the Qualifying Exam application to mid-September and the Qualifying Exam to December (starting in 2016). Before committing to this change multiple logistic considerations need to be decided at the local level and must include thoughtful discussion with the institutional Designated Institutional Official (DIO).  Consideration needs to be given to the resident's salary gap (from July 1 to August 1), healthcare coverage (typically COBRA coverage will cover a 1 month gap readily), and those residents that have a visa that requires continuous training as a prerequisite.



The American Board of Thoracic Surgery is very pleased to announce the release of SESATS XI (11).  SESATS XI (11) is an online web application available for immediate access upon purchase.  This latest version comes with all exam materials, permitting instant access to questions, critiques, abstracts and references, plus hundreds of digital images and movies. SESATS XI (11) also lets you link to sites on the World Wide Web for easy research. SESATS XI (11) is available at  

2016 Booklets of Information

The Board now only publishes electronic copies of its Booklets of Information, which are updated annually. Click on one of the following 2016 Booklets:


Maintenance of Certification

CHS Booklet of Information

CHS MOC Booklet of Information



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2016 Key Dates

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New Oral Exam Video

The Board is pleased to provide a new video that explains the format of the Part II (Oral) Exam.   The video describes the Oral Exam process and provides tips to candidates on how to do their best on the exam.  The Board encourages all candidates of the Oral Exam to view the video before their exam date.  To view the video, Click Here.

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