Due to a delay in production, SESATS XI (11) will be released in May 2014. The Board will make an official announcement when it becomes available. The Board apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause our Diplomates.

NEW- SESATS 10 Deadline Extension for MOC

The Board has extended the deadline for completing SESATS X (10) for the 5-year Milestone for the 2013 MOC process to April 1, 2014. The Board has sent emails to all of the Diplomates who have approved MOC applications giving instructions on how to receive a free copy of SESATS X. If you have an approved application, but have not received the email, please check your Spam or Junk Folder.  If you still cannot find it, please contact the Board office at

New MOC Part IV Requirements

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery has voted to replace the requirement for mandatory database participation by July 2014 with Performance Improvement.  The Board is considering the appropriate start date for the Performance Improvement process, but it will not be earlier than January 2016. 

For those who do not participate in a Board approved database/registry, the Board will continue to require participation in the Professional Portfolio until the Performance Improvement process starts.  

NEW - ABTS joins the Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery is pleased to announce that it has joined the Multi-Specialty MOC Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program) as of July 15, 2013. The ABTS recognizes that many thoracic surgeons already participate in quality improvement efforts in their local practice. The MOC Portfolio Program is an alternative pathway for healthcare organizations that support physician involvement in quality improvement and MOC to have their quality improvement efforts be approved for MOC Part IV credit. To find out more about the Portfolio Program, visit

NEW - Free SESATS IX (9) Application

The Board is please to announce the availability of SESATS IX (9) as a free application through the iTunes store.  It can be found by searching for SESATS at the following link:


The Board would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Edward Bender for creating the free SESATS IX (9) application that can be used by our Diplomates and Residents.

NEW – Examination Sequences

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) instituted a new policy for all 24 ABMS member boards that limits the period an individual may be eligible for initial board certification to no more than seven years after completion of training. To comply with the new policy, the American Board of Thoracic Surgery has established new examination sequence that went into effect on January 1, 2014. For more information on the new examination sequence, Click Here.

New Video Explaining the Oral Exam

The Board is pleased to provide a new video that explains the format of the Part II (Oral) Exam. The video describes the Oral Exam process and provides tips to candidates on how to do their best on the exam. The Board encourages all candidates of the Oral Exam to view the video before their exam date. To view the video, Click Here.

Candidates Applying for Congenital Cardiac Surgery Subspecialty Certification via Pathway II

REMINDER: 2014 is the LAST YEAR applications for Congenital Cardiac Surgery subspecialty certification will be accepted via Pathway II. 

2014 Booklets of Information

The Board now only publishes electronic copies of its Booklets of Information, which are updated annually. Click on one of the following 2014 Booklets:


Maintenance of Certification

Congenital Heart Surgery Subspecialty

Certification Categories

As recommended by the American Board of Medical Specialties, the ABTS has recently redefined its clinically active and clinically inactive status. For a full description of these two categories, Click Here.


ABTS Personal Profile
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ABTS Username:
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2014 Certification Dates

Part II-Orals: June 6-7

Registration: Aug. 15

Part I-Written: Nov. 17

Congenital Cardiac Surgery Part I-Written: Nov. 24


MOC Requirements by Certificate Year

Below are the MOC requirements based on the valid through date of the ABTS certificate.














New Oral Exam Video

The Board is pleased to provide a new video that explains the format of the Part II (Oral) Exam.   The video describes the Oral Exam process and provides tips to candidates on how to do their best on the exam.  The Board encourages all candidates of the Oral Exam to view the video before their exam date.  To view the video, Click Here.

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