2023 5-year Congenital Milestone

Eligibility, Deadlines and Fees
The 2023 5-year Milestone of MOC in Congenital Cardiac Surgery will be available online June 26-August 31. Eligible Diplomates MUST review the Congenital Cardiac Surgery MOC Booklet of Information for the Board requirements prior to submission. Electronically signed applications must include copies of required congenital CME and all case logs must be entered within the table in the application.

Late applications submitted between September 1-8, 2023 incur a $400 late fee. No applications are accepted after September 8, 2023.

Case requirements for the 5-year Milestone are as follows:
"Diplomates must submit a log of all major cases performed during any twelve (12) consecutive months of the two year period immediately preceding the Congenital Cardiac Surgery MOC application (for example, in 2023 the case log could include cases from December 1, 2021 – November 30, 2022), and must meet the following case requirements:

Case Requirements - Surgical Volume
In order to maintain active certification status, Diplomates are required to provide documentation of having performed or directly supervised at least fifty (50) major congenital cardiac surgeries in patients 18 years of age or younger, or re-operation of prior congenital cardiac surgery on patients of any age during the twelve (12) consecutive month reporting period. Up to a maximum of twenty-five (25) specified STAT Category 4 and 5 cases in which the applicant has materially participated in the critical portion of the case with another congenital cardiac surgeon may be counted toward the requirement."

Further information is available in the Congenital Cardiac Surgery MOC Booklet of Information on the ABTS home page.