SESATS 13 Internet Requirements

SESATS is a web-based application, and therefore does not have specific OS requirements. It does, however, have certain browser requirements. The ABTS does not recommend using Internet Explorer. We have tested the most popular browsers and most recent versions:

  • Google Chrome – the most recent version is recommended
  • Safari – the most recent version recommended
  • Firefox – the most recent version recommended
  • Edge – the most recent version is recommended

The new platform for SESATS XIII (13) is coded with generic HTML5 tools. As with previous versions, an active internet connection is required, and computers, tablets, and smartphones can access the material and display of graphics. We recommend that you use a PC (rather than a tablet or phone) and ensure that your browser (ie. Google Chrome is recommended) version is up-to-date. Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, Android, Chrome, and Linux platforms have all successfully rendered the content. The optimal resolution for display and interaction is 1024×768 or greater.