Certifying (Oral) Exam Matrix

# Case Scenarios Component Category
 6 General Thoracic Total*

Cases will come from the following areas:
2-3 Esophagus
1-2 Other
Chest Wall/diaphragm
Critical care/trauma
6 Cardiac Total
  Cases will come from the following areas:
2-3 Acquired Heart Diseases:
Valvular heart disease
CAD w/ other combined diseases
Great vessels, tumor, trauma, critical care
1 Congenital Heart Disease
2-3 Other:
CPB devices
Postoperative care/arrhythmia surgery
12 Total Exam


*Each General Thoracic component might include questions examining:
Neoplasms:  Benign & Malignant
Special Operative Techniques
Postop & Critical Care/Complications
Non-Operative Management


12 total scenarios:  6 in each of cardiac and thoracic
  All scenarios weighted equally 

Must pass at least 2 of 3 Examiners in both Cardiac AND Thoracic