Thoracic Surgery Curriculum

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery has created and endorsed a thoracic surgery curriculum that outlines what the well-trained thoracic surgery resident should know upon completion of his/her training. The curriculum has been highlighted to show the six competencies.

Thoracic Surgery Curriculum with Six Competencies Highlighted

Thoracic Surgery Curriculum without the Six Competencies Highlighted

The Board highly encourages anyone who is interested in the curriculum to check out the Thoracic Surgery Curriculum (TSC) LMS website at  

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery would like to thank and acknowledge the leadership roles that Drs. Edward Verrier (Joint Council), Carolyn E. Reed (Joint Council) and John Calhoon (ABTS) had in developing this comprehensive thoracic surgery curriculum.  The Board would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication from the following individuals, who were instrumental in the development of the thoracic surgery curriculum:

Michael P. Fischbein, MD

George L. Hicks, Jr., MD

James Huang, MD

Richard Lee, MD

Nahush A. Mokadam, MD

Mark B. Orringer, MD

Stephen C. Yang, MD

Additionally, the following ABTS Board Officers and Directors reviewed the curriculum and provided many insightful comments and edits to it:

Mark S. Allen, MD

William A. Baumgartner, MD

Edward L. Bove, MD

David R. Jones, MD

Bruce W. Lytle, MD

John E. Mayer, Jr., MD

J. Wayne Meredith, MD

Bryan F. Meyers, MD

Valerie W. Rusch, MD

Curtis G. Tribble, MD

Douglas E. Wood, MD

Cameron D. Wright, MD

The American Board of Thoracic Surgery would like to acknowledge that substantial portions of the thoracic surgery curriculum are based on the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme, Cardiothoracic Surgery Syllabus (August 2007).